"Soulmate dry your eye cause soulmates never die"




Oh Leverage <3s my OT3… posted because trailofdesire needs to see this vid. Also because everyone else out there who’s fond of Leverage should as well.

thingswithwings is a GENIUS.

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Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Jetpack Monkey

Password: pianobear

Source: Danger 5
Song: Tomoyasu Hotei - Battle Without Honor or Humanity

Made for seekingferret, Festivids 2013

And as always, kill Hitler!

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vid title: Runs in the Family
music: Amanda Palmer
source: Hannibal (NBC)
duration: 2:52
summary: w͍̦͠ḩat ͜d̢o̸ ̷yo͘u ̓͂̍̽̋̽sè͆̾̑҉ë̽͆̕?̅̕ (character study of Abigail Hobbs in season one and two.)

download: streaming video
65mb avi via sendspace

Gives You Hell - a very awesome Sam & Lucifer vid made by Rinny Wilson.

Subway fanvid made for the Eurovision vidshow at vidukon 2014.
Music: Voodoo People | The Prodigy.

Download and notes: Ao3 | LJ | DW

Battlestar Galactica (Kara/Leoben) fanvid - premiered at vidukon 2014.
Music: How Does It Make You Feel? | AIR.

Download + Notes: LJ | DW | Ao3.


I’m On A Boat (Star Trek reboot) by kiki miserychic

favorite club vivid vids - 18/20

This didn’t premiere at Club Vivid but it’s always a hit there.

A Six Year Old Explains Vidding

  • Possum Jr: *plays kiddie song*
  • Possum Jr: *plays kiddie song*
  • Possum Jr: *plays kiddie song*
  • Possum: You really like that song, huh?
  • Possum Jr: Yes, I am vidding it.
  • Possum: And how do you make a vid?
  • Possum Jr: You listen to it over and over and over a bunch of times and then it will be on your computer.







We Didn’t Start the Fire - 50 Years of Fandom

[details here]

password to watch: fandom!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am neither Fiercynn nor Scribe - hence the link. I just felt it was entirely, entirely, completely necessary to share this with everyone, because this is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen in my life. I just - fuck. I’m in tears as I type this, because this vid? Is not about a bunch of fandoms, it’s about what fandom is, it’s about a tradition that goes back a long, long time of people looking at stories and saying “here’s what I have to say about that,” and other people listening. Towards the end it gets into fandoms I know, fandoms I’m in or have been in, and that’s when I started crying, because - this is going to sound so ridiculous, but I can’t help it, because that was when I realized that I was part of it, this old often-problematic beautiful revolutionary thing. And then, the last few minutes, it gives us characters who tell stories in the stories (Becky Rosen!), it saysyes, you, this is your story too. It’s two-thirty in the morning, I’m crying, and I may not be coherent but I have absolutely no regrets. Watch this.

Wow. Wow wow wow wow.

For me, the best thing about this is the fact that it’s in a pretty chronological order. Because eventually I was like “It’s nice to see all the fandoms of yore— WAIT, THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN!” and then water was leaking from my eyeholes because omg, hello fandoms that I have seen rise and fall. 

This is a fucking masterpiece of vidding.

I got teary when I saw Due South. <3

Omg so many tears, so many feelings. 

This is one of the best fandom things I’ve ever seen.

God, I love this vid. I love Fandom. I love everyone in this bar!! \o/
(I walked into the Fandom bar at the 2:00 min mark exactly yep yep.)