Sign ups for Festivids 2014 are now open!


You can now sign up by going to the Festivids site, logging in, clicking “Festivids,” and then “Sign Up,” - which ultimately should take you to this form. As you see, there’s a tab where you make your requests, and a separate tab where you make your offers.

Sign ups are open until 29 October, 12noon EST. You must offer at least four fandoms (but feel free to offer more!!), and you must request between 6 and 8 fandoms. At least one request must be for a fandom marked as a “safety.” (Safety fandoms appear in green on the drop-down list of fandoms to request.) You may edit your offers and requests any time before the sign up period ends.

To see a complete list of the fandoms included this year, if you’re logged in, you can go to the sign up form and click the tab where you make offers. If you’re not logged in, just go to the the regular sign-up page to see all of the fandoms.

New this year: by request, for those of you who would like to offer to vid any movie, there’s now an option added to the form where you can choose to check ‘All movies’ (top right).  This will select all fandoms where the type is [Movie] only and will add them to your offers.  You can then go through and manually uncheck any fandoms you don’t want to offer, or choose to add more.  This option won’t select any fandom with more than one classification (e.g. both [Movie] and [TV], or where the nominator has selected [DVD] as well as [Movie] for a film out on DVD), which is to make sure someone using this checkbox doesn’t accidentally end up matched on an RPF category or something like Muppets canon where there’s actually 500-odd hours of footage to deal with.  This does mean however that checking this box won’t catch any movie that might have been wrongly classified in the past or things like TV movies - so if you use this option, it’s a really good idea to take another look through the fandom list before submitting your sign up to make sure you offered everything you wanted to.

As in previous years, we’re again flagging fandoms where requests outnumber offers. For any fandom where requests outnumber offers, the fandom will appear in red on the offer form. If two people request a fandom, but only one person offers it, there will be a notice. When requests equal offers, or offers outnumber requests, the notice will disappear. This does not mean you should avoid offering fandoms without a notice. Just because there are enough offers to theoretically fill existing requests doesn’t mean anyone will actually match on that fandom, so if you want to vid it, you should throw your hat in the ring - especially since someone could sign up after you and add to the requests. And, of course, it goes without saying that you should feel free to request fandoms even if there are fewer offers than requests - you may get lucky and match on it, or your giftvidder could decide to make a vid in that fandom even if it wasn’t the matching fandom, or someone could make it for you as a treat, or a pinch hitter might ultimately step in for that fandom - you never know! Ultimately, the notice system is meant to expand options, not restrict them.

The notice will ignore the user’s own requests and offers. So if the Middleman is in red because one person requested it, and you come along and offer it, you’ll still see it in red, even though other users will not. If you request the Middleman and no one else has offered or requested (yet), it still will not be red for you.

Also a reminder of the rules on outside source: your vidder is allowed to use limited amounts of outside source so long as the vid is still recognisably in the requested fandom.  This means that when making your requests, you are welcome to ask for any kind of outside source to be included in the vid - be it related sources, spin-offs or even multifandom vids or crossovers - and although your vidder isn’t required to do so, they are absolutely welcome to honour that request if they want to.

Finally, when you sign up (or edit existing sign ups), you should get a message across the top of the screen telling you that your sign up has been registered, and you should receive a confirmation email. However, some email accounts don’t play well with our website (AOL, hotmail, for example), so if you don’t get a confirmation, don’t be too worried - but if you want to email us at festivids at gmail to double check that you’re squared away, that’s fine.

Anonymous hosting option
Thanks to the programming GENIUS of lithiumdoll, and the generosity of jetpack-monkey in offering space, we have a new solution for hosting anonymous versions of vids this year - you will be able to upload your vid straight to the Festivids website and it will be streamed straight from there.  (For those interested in the details, technically the vids will be hosted on cloud-based storage.)  We’ll provide full instructions on this later, but to let you know that if you choose to take up this option, the process will be really simple - you upload your video file with your normal submission and it will be automatically encoded and dealt with from there.

Obviously, the big advantage to this solution is we keep more control over the vids, and no more automatic audio-matching systems/take-downs.  (Yay!  Not to mention less admin for the mods.  \o/ )  The one big disadvantage however is that the system can’t be tested in the specific circumstances of everyone trying to watch All The Vids at go live, so in some ways this will be a bit of an experiment.

In the past, many Festivids participants have chosen to set up an anonymous account at their own preferred hosting service for the anon period, and you are still very welcome to do that - in fact, we’d really appreciate it if those of you who normally choose your own option continue to do so, as using the website in this way is new and we can’t really predict what the strain will be.  But the option of uploading your vid straight to the Festivids site will be there for anyone who needs it, and the choice will be entirely up to you as always.

Please also note that if you choose this option, you will also have to provide a link for the signed version of your vid when submitting, as we won’t be able to host the anonymous vids beyond the anon period.

A HUGE thanks again to lithiumdoll and jetpack-monkey!  Without them we might not have been able to provide an alternative hosting system for anonymous vids at all.

And, that’s everything for now! Have fun picking your offers/requests, and feel free to email us at festivids at gmail with any questions.






Song: Myxomatosis
Artist: Radiohead
Spoilers: Seasons 1-2
Summary: It must have got mixed up.

Link: [dl here]



"Captain Marvel - A Trailer"

When S.H.I.E.L.D. officer Carol Danvers intercepts a rogue spaceship, she meets an alien soldier named Mar-Vell and begins turning into something not quite human herself.

Katee Sackhoff as Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel


Festivids 2014-15 dates!


Just posting to let you know that the schedule for Festivids 2014-15 has been set!

We’re running things a little later this year to accommodate modly schedules; I hope it won’t be too disruptive.

You can see all the details in the community profiles here and here, but the important dates are:

Nominations begin on September 26.

Signups begin on October 19.

Deadline for vids is January 18, 2015.

Golive is January 31, 2015! (\o/!)

We’ll post well in advance of nominations to let you know what we plan to do about nontraditional sources. Beyond that - see you soon!


The reception’s gotten fuzzy
The delicate balance has shifted

Music: Dilaudid by The Mountain Goats
Spoilers: s1 and most of s2
Thank you: The complete wonderfulness of deathisyourart and glittertine
WARNING: This vid has Viewer Discretion Advised written all over it. (Figuratively and literally, it’s TVRIP so, uh. Try and ignore that?) It’s also got some flashes and fast cuts and may not be suitable to view by anyone, much like the show itself.
Feedback: Much loved and appreciated!



New vid! Premiered at VividCon 2014 in Club Vivid. 

Hello (Party Ben House Nation Remix)
fandom: Kitchen Confidential
vidder: Trelkez

Download available here (right-click/save): 90MB XviD

VidUKon 2015 Registration is open! →


The VidUKon convention committee are delighted to announce that VidUKon will be returning to Cardiff again. VidUKon 2015 is officially scheduled to take place on the 12th-15th of June in Cardiff Bay .

One of the things we confirmed at VidUKon 2014 is that we’re attempting to try and set a…


glad you came by lilly-the-kid (pass: hereandnow)
my universe will never be the same, i’m glad you came

vidder’s notes: i first had this idea back in october 2013. i like the idea of brian being the catalyst, the one who started the story and who changed everyone’s universe. and they’re all glad he did. (read more)

—> please leave a comment for the vidder.


Never Seen the Light of Day

BioShock Infinite. | music by Mando Diao.
made for isagel, Festivids ‘13

Notes and download links on Dreamwidth.